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That's a Wrap: Look Back at Effectus' 2018-2019 Curling Season

What an amazing, long, well fought curling season it's been! When you hit that first season following the end of an Olympic cycle and you start a new quadrennial to prepare for the next Olympics you never quite know what to expect. Players retire or semi-retire or simply change the way that they contribute to excellence in sport, teams shake up and shuffle around, young players grow up and become new faces to watch for and before you know it you have yourself another competitive curling season. It's all part of the growth and development of curling. And trust me, it's developing all around the world as teams prepare to battle their way to the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

As a strength coach, I appreciate the consistency that no matter what team your on and who your teammates are, the demands of the sport don't change and you still need to get in the gym, train hard, stay healthy, and show up ready to perform day in and day out. On an individual basis, that part never changes...and...hopefully if all the individual parts of your team are doing what they need to on and off the ice, well, then, the whole team benefits immensely!

It's been an amazing season of training for me here at Effectus! We've completed a total of 690 in-person curling specific training sessions full of sweat filled, soul crushing workouts plus on top of that another 618 online training sessions that athletes all across Canada are taking advantage of every day. That's a total of 1308 curling training sessions during the 2018-2019 "In-Season"!!! That's not even the off-season! Who says you can't train through the season and get results! It's a must! I'll never have enough words to describe my appreciation for the work ethic, time, dedication, sweat, and effort these athletes put in to making sure that when they step on the ice, they're prepared, and they're physically ready to take on the world! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for everything you've given me this season! It's always a pleasure and I can't wait for more to come!

Just to cap off this recap of Curling 2018-2019, here's a compilation of the results Effectus Curlers brought in: (Wow is all I have to say!)

3 - World Cup Wins

3 - Grand Slam Of Curling Wins

3 - National Championship Wins

4 - Provincial Championship Wins

11 - Additional Event Wins

3 - Junior Wins

+ 2 incredible, well fought, inspiring 2nd place finishes at World Championships!

It's been an absolutely amazing season and with 17 new curlers already signed up and training to prepare for next season I can't wait to see what will come of 2019-2020! Look out! Stay tuned!

Thanks again to every athlete!

Check out this little vid to recap a small piece of this season's training. Note, if you aren't in the video then we absolutely need to take some video because all of you crushed this past season! Now let's go double time this off-season!!

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