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Curling’s 2018/2019 Season is Looking Jacked!

With summer flying by, another epic curling season has snuck up on us!

While a lot of teams have mixed around and changes have been made one thing remained the same, nearly every elite player in the country spent their summer in the gym, crushing weights, making gains and sweating their way closer to their goals! The season doesn't end in May, the training season begins and it begins in full force! This past summer consisted of 511 productive, effective, gut wrenching curling training sessions making it officially the biggest and most intense training season to date! The 2018/2019 season is going to have me pulled in every direction with representation on 7 of the top teams in the world, who do you cheer for? How do you cheer for everyone? It's easy, you just respect the work ethic, the dedication, the grunt, grind, and sweat of every single workout year round. That's what we endorse and that's what we focus on.... the process! And when the process becomes your focus then the rest takes care of itself. So, I wish all of these teams and all of these athletes the success they deserve on the ice and I'll be glued to the TV watching to make sure that they never face an opponent who has out-trained them or out-worked them!

To be great, you now have to do great things and do the right things and do them with purpose.

It's a new era in curling! Fitness matters, strength matters, biomechanics matter, nutrition matters, and psychology matters. I've said this in previous years as I've watched the game change and watched the level of competition intensify but this past summer and the drive of a new Olympic quad has taken sport science to a whole other level in curling. To be great, you now have to do great things and do the right things and do them with purpose. The teams that invest more into this will have the advantage over those who don't and this will become more evident as years go on and this trend continues. It's a changing game and it's going to be an epic season to watch with so many great athletes out there!

Good luck to all the athletes and teams (I know how hard many of you continue to work) but a huge shout out to those athletes who train with me in person day in and day out and to those who train with me online following programs and putting themselves through the rigors of countless workouts. Enjoy your season! It's go time!!

Dawn McEwen (Team Jennifer Jones)

Jocelyn Peterman (Team Jennifer Jones)

Mike McEwen (Team Carruthers)

Team Gunnlauson

BJ Neufeld (Team Koe)

Shannon Birchard (Team Einarson)

Brett Gallant (Team Gushue)

Kristen MacCuish (Team Fleury)

Rhonda Varnes (Team Varnes)

Claire Tully (Team Varnes)

Sara Oliver

Meghan Walter

Team Vachon

Karen Sagle (Team Duncan)

Brody Blackwell

Team Friesen

Kristy Watling

Karlee Korchinski

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