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2002, 15 years ago I began training volleyball players. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long and time has flown that fast. Thousands of athletes later and I still have the same passion for the sport, the same respect for the athletic

ism and the power required to excel at every level of the game. I love seeing the excitement and happiness in young players both on the court and in the gym. The insane competitive drive of University, National, and International athletes pursuing excellence and constantly bettering themselves motivates me and drives me to do what I do every day. It’s contagious.

     Recently I’ve had a serious thought on my mind. How can I reach every young volleyball player out there? How can I take the same education, experience, and expertise available at the top levels and make it available to these athletes with the same passion for volleyball that I’ve always had? It can’t be limited to only those athletes who can afford it, those athletes who have access to big city resources, or to that tiny percentage that makes up provincial team programs.  I want to provide every athlete the opportunity to chase their potential, pursue greatness, and find out what they can achieve.

What’s the goal? Where do I start?

     If you’re a 13/14 year old athlete starting out and learning the fundamentals of the game then you should also have the opportunity to lay the physical framework and learn to train, learn to workout, develop general fitness and strength to appropriately prepare you for future years. When you turn 15/16, training progresses. You’ve laid the framework, now you build on that! Training advances! Introduction to more advanced strength training, higher intensities and increased volumes of training. What happens when you’re 17/18? You learn more technical lifts and you further advance. You might even be preparing for University or College recruiting and you will gain an undeniable confidence in knowing the work you’ve put in, the preparation you’ve done, and a sense of pride in your accomplishments.  Beyond 18, maybe you play University/College, maybe you pursue a National Team Program, maybe you go play Pro internationally, or, maybe not.  But one thing is for sure, whatever you do, you’ll be ready. You literally engaged in this long term athlete development thing everyone talks about. You did it. If you don’t continue to play the game, I guarantee you will continue to live the healthy lifestyle you’ve created for yourself! And that’s exciting. And that's what I’m passionate about!

So how do I do this?

      It’s 2017 and information delivery is instant. It’s a digital age that connects us all so we can collaborate, communicate and share expertise. I can work with you regardless of where you live, what your schedule and availability is, how much money your family makes, or what level you compete at.  I’m reaching out to all the young volleyball players out there and all the parents of young volleyball players, let’s integrate health, fitness, and performance based training into your career as an athlete so at the end of the day you pursued and achieved your own greatness and you discovered what you could achieve. 

Contact me at , visit me on Instagram at @ahonish

or explore our website to learn more. I welcome all comments, feedback and interest.

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