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5 Reasons why back to school means back to the gym!

With summer ending, summer break over, patio season closing, drinks going dry and the thought of your social life being replaced by putting your nose in the books the absolute last thing on your mind can be getting in the gym, working out and pursing those fitness goals! But on the contrary you have more reasons than ever to get back to the gym, get back to fitness, set some goals and crush them over the next few months!

Here are 5 of the best reasons to take advantage of this time:

Reason #1: Routine

Back to school means back to a strict routine! Having a set schedule and a consistent structured schedule is already a recipe for success. It allows you to plan your 1-hour workout in every day and stick to it. Making it a routine that works makes it so much easier to get it done. Plus, don't kid yourself, a lot of the time it's a heck of a lot easier to go to the gym when your other option is another hour of studying after you've already been studying half the day!

Reason #2: Stress Relief

Exercise is critical to reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and maximizing overall cognitive function! When you're getting run down and stressed during exams this extra preparation will work wonders to fight against that stress and keep you going in a positive motivated way! Exercise produces endorphins helping you feel amazing, it improves sleep, relieves tension, stabilizes mood, helps self esteem, and can have anti-anxiety effects! The mental health benefits are undeniable! If ever there is a time you need to take a break from the stress of studies and classes, spend it working out! Even a light session of cardio will work absolute wonders for your well-being ;)

Reason #3: Sneaky Gains

Sneaky gains as I like to call them are just what happens all winter when you walk around in big sweaters, pants, parkas, and scarfs! For months, nobody knows what's under there and that's your time to make some sneaky gains that you'll unleash next summer! You have the routine, you have the mental benefits, you have months and months of time on your side, and now, you have the motivation to set some serious goals and go get them! Use the winter to make the changes you want to, nobody needs to know, and then next summer... BAM! Look out!

Reason #4: Accessibility

Odds are your school has a gym and possibly a very good gym! Whether you're in University or High School you either have access to a free gym, a gym you're forced to pay for anyway, or a student discount to your gym. It's there for you to use so take advantage! It's close, it's quick, it doesn't cost a lot if anything, and you're there anyway so take a break from the day and go for a quick workout. Or better yet, start your morning with a workout and be even more energized and productive for the entire day!

Reason #5: You're Here...

You literally just spent enough time to ready your way all the way to reason 5 so, reason 5 is just the fact that you're interested! You clearly are thinking about some fitness goals, some wants, or some needs so don't hesitate. Pursue what you want and let's get it done! The only question left is, when you go to the gym, what do you do??? Well, leave that in my hands! We can discuss your goals, your needs, your schedule, where you're currently at and we can put the best possible plan together for you to have the best chance to reach your goals! Leave the training, programming, and guidance to me and we can get this done! I'd be more than happy to help anyone and everyone so don't hesitate to send to a message and find out what is available to you.

Enjoy these school years and take full advantage of them coming out a smarter, more motivated, more confident, fitter, and healthier you year after year!

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