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Training in-person with an Effectus trainer means you will receive the focus, dedication, and attention you deserve to ensure that you receive the most out of each training session.  Learn how to properly perform exercises, feel more motivated than ever, and experience a dynamic approach to training that ensures your training program is always changing to best match your needs and goals.

1 ON 1


All workout sessions are one on one with your trainer in a setting that gets you 100% of the focus and attention throughout the session. This is a great way to learn your way around the gym, learn how to properly perform exercises you should be doing and have yourself pushed to the limit each session.


10-session training package = $550+GST


Without a doubt our most sought after training option.  You will receive training that is completely individualized and designed for you, your needs, and your goals.  Workout sessions are conducted in a small group setting where you will train alongside a limited number of other individuals working toward their specific goals.  Experience an extremely motivating and high energy atmosphere as you achieve your results.


12-session training package = $300+GST


Monthly Unlimited Training = $380+GST/month



Whatever your sport, whatever the size of your team, and whatever your needs to dominate this season we’ve got your back! With experience working in high performance sport for over a decade we know what it takes to get to the top and stay there.  At Effectus Athlete Development you will learn how to train properly, be taken to your limits every workout, build the team dynamic by facing challenges together and have the best chance to succeed and get results that will translate to your game.


Please Contact Us (Pricing dependent on team size and other package plans available).

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