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Online Training Options

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Monthly training


Receive ongoing monthly workout programs that are individualized to specifically target your goals and your needs. Set up the ease of reoccurring payments and keep the workouts coming. Receive unlimited communication with your trainer including professional guidance, support and motivation. Your online experience is an app based training platform that conveniently allows you to log results, track progress, and integrate in meal tracking, heart rate, and social media while your trainer monitors everything you do. There are no long term commitments required, no initial setup costs! Cancel at any time (14 days notice). Cost: $105/month

full monthly training & meal plan subscription

Set yourself up to pay just one fee monthly for a full online training, coaching, and meal plan experience. Get the absolute most out of your time spent in the gym, in the kitchen, and on the go. Meal plans dynamically change when they need to in order to match your current training program and maximize your results. All workouts are 100% individualized to your goals, your needs, and your schedule. Receive the most innovative access to our app based training methods. Directly on the app you'll be able to follow your workouts along with video demos of every exercise, track and monitor what you lift and follow your progress, plus communicate directly with your trainer whenever you need. Best of all, the trainer can follow everything you do on his or her end. Get the most professional expertise in your back pocket and experience the motivation, support, and guidance you need to be successful. No initial set up costs and cancel at any time with minimum 14 days notice. Cost: $157.50/month

youth athlete monthly training subscription

It's in the name, Effectus "Athlete Development" and we make it our passion to support young athletes and to encourage young athletes to train properly, safely, and effectively.  We believe that at a young age, all athletes deserve the chance to develop, to improve, and to discover their potential. A big part of this is having access to proper strength and conditioning that is not only specific to the demands of their sport but also specific to the developmental level of the athlete. By beginning training at a young age, you will develop the coordination, balance, stability, flexibility, and overall athleticism necessary to later build strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, etc.  It is then the transference of these physical attributes to your sport that will allow you to physically dominate in competition.  


Receive all the same benefits of the Monthly Training Subscription described above at a fraction of the cost.  Get expert, experienced, certified instruction from your real life strength coach and know that you're on the right track to success.

Contact us for more info or click below to sign up and get started today. Once you've followed the sign up instructions your trainer will connect with you inside our state of the art training app.  It's at that time you'll be able to thoroughly discuss your sport, your goals, your needs, and all other important information. Cost: $52.50/month


effectus flight school jump training program




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