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inception of training

is this the program for you?

Are you new to the gym? New to working out? Or are you returning from a long hiatus but now it's go time!? If you have fitness goals and you're looking to start on your way, then start the right way! Train with Effectus and get results! Feel amazing! Do it all comfortably without intimidation and with the absolute best expert guidance you can find. With the 1-Month Inception of Training program you will require your own gym membership with basic gym equipment but you will now have access to your own online personal trainer to answer your questions during the program. The program is designed to get you started safely and effectively. It's designed to spend the next month beginning your fitness journey in an extremely positive, productive, and successful manner. No experience necessary.

what to expect

  • Every workout is a different workout

  • Every workout progresses gradually and safely 

  • Exercise Variations when needed

  • Workout program delivered directly through an app on your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise so you know exactly what you're doing

  • Record weights, reps, and track your progress as you improve

  • In-App messaging with your trainer

  • Expert certified, educated, experienced coach in the palm of your hand

  • Guaranteed you'll feel amazing as you get started and you'll not only gain confidence in the gym but you'll be eager to continue your fitness journey One of the best decisions you'll ever make is beginning this fitness journey with us.

Cost: $48

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