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flight school jump training

What makes a good jump training program?

Properly progressing workouts to best develop strength, power, speed, and ultimately your jump! A complete program should include a strong emphasis on the biomechanics of "how" to jump as well as the physiology of training the body to produce power and use acceleration to get off the ground. Did you know you can add inches to your jump by leveraging the physics and physiology of your body without even lifting a weight? Combine this knowledge with proper strength and power training to maximize your results.

what to expect

Build Strength

  • With a focus on lower body training, begin with a weight training phase focused on increasing the strength in those muscles needed to jump

  • "Building the engine" is what we call it.  You need to build a solid foundation upon which you'll later develop power, speed, quickness.

  • This critical phase is usually ignored and neglected in most programs

Develop Quickness and Tension

  • Get introduced to plyometric training and one of the primary principles in performing plyometrics properly - Quickness

  • Through a series of carefully planned drills you will learn a variety of reaction style jumps that allow you to reduce the time spent in contact with the ground and improve quickness

  • Learn to develop tension in the muscle so you're more capable of producing force quickly

Train Max Strength

  • Max strength training is pinnacle to the training progam of any power based athlete.

  • Max strength is your ability to produce maximal amounts of force for very limited repetition

  • This phase will train the nervous system to better activate muscles to produce more force

Develop Power and Explosiveness

  • This is the latter portion of your training.  You've laid the ground work and now it's time for more advanced plyometric training

  • During this phase your body will undergo a shock phase as it continues max strength training combined with plyometric power and speed development

  • Proper recovery will be important in between training sessions

  • Nutrition will be important for recovery and maximizing performance

  • In this phase you will get stronger, more explosive, and unstoppable

innovative program delivery

  • Workout programs delivered directly through an app on your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise so you know exactly what you're doing

  • Record weights, reps, and track your progress as you improve

  • In-App messaging with your trainer

  • Connect tech such as Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin, etc.

  • Expert certified, educated, experienced coach in the palm of your hand

  • Guaranteed you'll feel amazing as you progress through the program

get results

We ​highly recommend pre-testing and post-testing of your vertical jump and lower body strength.  You should expect to see increases during the program and then the greatest results following a brief recovery phase at the end.  Rest truly is when the body responds to training and you get your results. 

Not only will you be jumping higher but your power and speed endurance will be through the roof.  What this means is in the 5th set of a volleyball match or in the 4th quarter of a basketball game you'll have a lot left in the tank! While others are tired, you'll still be flying high and taking advantage of all the training you did.

If you're a speed power athlete then this program is an absolute must!

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Phase 1 Now available on Demand


Click below to learn more about our most innovative program yet!  Follow along virtual and on demand as your jump coach takes you through all 21 workout sessions in this complete 4 week, phase 1, jump training program.  Cast workouts to your TV or follow along on your phone/tablet. Learn, train, and get the best results possible!!

are you looking to train with us
in-person at our Winnipeg facility?

The opportunity to complete your sessions with the hands on guidance of an expert, certified, educated, experienced trainer is the gold standard option.  You'll be pushed, motivated, and kept on track as you progress at an appropriate speed through your training journey.  Click for more info on in-person training.

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