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Guts & Glutes training series


Is summer coming, are you getting ready for a beach vacation, or do you just want glutes and abs that look good, feel good, and help you feel sexy in and out of your clothes?


GUTS & GLUTES is a series carefully designed, tried, and tested to get you stronger, flatter, more defined abs, and the strong, toned, glute curves you've always wanted.  With no extra fillers in your workout, each and every exercise is specifically chosen and planned to train your guts and glutes!  

With 3 progressively more difficult programs to choose from, we highly recommend you start at the beginning and work your way through all 10 weeks to get the full experience and the best results.  If you're already very experience with training and you feel  very confident with dumbbells and barbells then you may want to start with one of the latter programs.

Now you have the opportunity to get the shape you want! And best of all, it isn't just a hand out of a program.  You also get access to your own real life, educated, certified, and experienced personal trainer in the palm of your hand.

what to expect

  • Every workout specifically targets your glutes and abs

  • 3 Distinctly different programs to choose from

    • Bodyweight/Bands

    • Dumbbells/Bands

    • Barbell/Dumbbells/Bands

  • Every workout progresses gradually and safely 

  • Workout program delivered directly through an app on your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise so you know exactly what you're doing

  • Record weights, reps, and track your progress as you improve

  • In-App messaging with your trainer

  • Expert certified, educated, experienced coach in the palm of your hand

  • Guaranteed you'll get the results you want for this summer, your vacation, or to simply just feel amazing at all times!

choose your program

Guts and Glutes Band Noir.jpg

Guts & Glutes 1

Body Weight/Band

Using minimal equipment and a program you can easily follow in the comfort of your own home you can start to cut those abs and shape those glutes.  You'll be amazed by the "burn" you feel in both your abs and glutes when you're using proper exercises to isolate and target them using progressively challenging workouts.

No experience necessary and it doesn't matter what fitness level you're currently at.  This program is relative to you and your body so whether you're a great athlete, you used to be, you never were, or you're looking to become one, this program will absolutely work muscles you never knew you had before.

In just 21-Days you'll feel great and be begging for more!

Cost: $36

Guts and Glutes DB Noir.jpg

Guts & Glutes 2


Are you ready to take your training to the next level?  Then it's time to add resistance to your training.  Adding dumbbells into your workout regime leads to a progressive overload stimulus that is one of the key principles to any fitness training program.  Increasing the stimulus applied to the abs and glutes will lead to greater tension in the muscle, increased breakdown of the muscle tissue, and an end result of new muscle growth layered within.  You'll end up with stronger, more defined abs along with firmer, fuller, more powerful glutes!

More advanced than Guts & Glutes 1 and a great stepping stone to taking on Guts & Glutes 3, this 21-Day program will leave you amazed by your results!

Cost: $36

Guts and Glutes BB Noir.jpg

Guts & Glutes 3


The final chapter of Guts & Glutes is not for the faint of heart! This Barbell, Dumbbell, and Band program will challenge you every single workout to shred those abs, solidify those glutes, and get you the results you wanted when you signed up!  It is highly recommended that you've completed the predecessor programs before you take on this variation!  If you choose to step right on in you should already have some previous experience with barbell training and heavier lifting.  It's important that you have the core strength and stability already in place so you can get the most out of your workouts.

This 28-Day program was too big to fit into three weeks like the other plans.  Go the full distance with 4 weeks or gut wrenching, butt busting workouts that will leave you breathless.

Cost: $48

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