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Greatness Isn't Limited by $$$

Costs, prices, and dollar signs are rarely openly discussed by fitness professionals. We're taught to discuss your training plans, goals and fitness journeys with terms like "value", "Investment", "ROI" etc. It's the number one rule of marketing and understandably it's a good one. Take the focus off how much this is going to cost you financially and shift it over to how much this is going to change your life, improve your life, increase productivity, and in turn, the massive ROI you'll get from this amazing decision you're making to embark on a new healthy fitness journey or athlete development plan. Sit through almost any consultation with a trainer or coach and the price of training will be the last thing they discuss with you. In fact, if you don't outright ask them, it might not even come up in the conversation. They'll put it off as if it's not important and after all the countless pros they present, cost really won't matter. But the truth is that for 99% of us, it does matter! Of course it matters! I would never pressure anyone into pouring an unrealistic amount of money into fitness if it means the mental anguish of financial stress and anxiety. Addressing physical health at the expense of mental health is never going to pan out very well.

BUT, now here's the kicker!!! In case you were getting concerned, I haven't lost my mind completely and decided to write a post that attacks my own industry and tells everyone it costs too much. I want to insist that it doesn't need to break the bank! Greatness isn't limited by $$$!

In 2006, when Dana & I started our business and Effectus Athlete Development was born, we thought long and hard about costs of services and what to charge. We wanted to put a huge focus into targeting athletes of all ages and all levels. But, unless you're a professional athlete or a well funded National Team member with financially supported services then there's a pretty good chance you're bordering on poverty. Being an athlete is demanding and time consuming so if you want to be great then you're not likely going to have time to sustain a full time job none the less pay huge bills for training, therapy, sport psych, nutrition, biomechanics, etc. For this reason, and this reason alone, we set our rates among the lowest around. We ran the risk of valuing our services lower than they should be but we accepted the reality that we didn't want to limit an athlete's opportunity to succeed by their economic status. To this day, we maintain our vision of providing the most professional, effective, results driven training to athletes and lifestyle clients at rates that are affordable and we're not afraid to tell you upfront that you can train with us in-person, at our facility for $23/session. If you're seriously looking to start a fitness journey or become the best athlete you could ever possibly be then we're pretty confident that telling you the price up front isn't going to scare you away ;)

It's a constantly changing and shifting industry, but the one thing that remains the same is that everyone loves results

Now, what if you could train properly for even less!! Over the years the delivery system of the fitness industry continues to change. Although the science of training, training principles, and all the knowledge of how to achieve results remains generally the same with gradual advancements along the way, it's the methodology that changes the most. Traditionally the industry was 100% all about one on one training but that quickly became over priced and impractical so group fitness, aerobics, bootcamps, etc seized the day! Then at some point everyone decided they needed to be far more flexible and functional so Pilates and Yoga took over.. Then Crossfit, Spin, Orange Theory, 30min quick fixes, etc... Perhaps the biggest shift in the world of training is the introduction of online training, planning, programming, and coaching... We live in a technological fast paced world and having the freedom to workout 24 hours a day at our own convenience is a very attractive concept. So if you can have the chance to discuss your goals with a professional, certified, experienced, educated trainer, have a plan designed specifically for your own needs, have access to your trainer in the palm of our hand whenever you need, trust that they're doing what's best for you at all times, and best of all it only has to cost about the same as a few lattes a week then why the heck not?! What could possibly prevent greatness? Adding this online training option to our elite services has not only allowed us to reach athletes and lifestyle clients throughout the world but it has made proper professional training available and affordable to almost anyone. Again, with complete transparency, if you're motivated to complete the workouts on your own and you want results bad enough then we offer this for as little as $50/month for youth athletes, $100/month for adults and even less for sport teams who sign up together.

It's a constantly changing and shifting industry but the one thing that remains the same is that everyone loves results. Now, finally, those results don't need to leave you broke or stressed. Money doesn't need to define what you can or can't do. Between affordable in-person training, online training, or a combo of the two, making the choice to achieve results and reach your goals is up to you and it's definitely possible.

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