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Jump Higher

Hit Harder

Balanced Passing

Quicker Feet

Stronger Blocking

Tougher Serving

Faster Reaction Time

Quicker Response Time

Better Stamina

Limitless Physical Potential


Volleyball has grown to become one of the largest participation sports in Canada! With that comes an increase in the quality of play and the competitiveness to do the best, become the best, and be the best! The forces a volleyball player's body has to endure when jumping, spiking, serving, or reacting on defense not only takes it's toll on various structures of the body creating a risk for injury but it also requires exceptionally specific and in depth training to maximize performance and keep healthy athletes on the court.  Training for volleyball is a science that requires an early adaptation to training, muscle growth, strength development, power production, speed, quickness, and agility, as well as core strength/stability, and postural control, balance, and proprioception.  It's an extremely dynamic sport and it, without question, requires off-court training to become the best athlete and player possible.

   Develop the tools you need to excel a all areas of the game including jumping higher, hitting harder, blocking stronger, reacting and moving quicker, getting behind balls, passing more balanced, pushing out sets, and serving harder.  Leave no stone unturned.

why join


Effectus Athlete Development has a long history of working with  volleyball players For over 12 years Effectus has provided a mix of in-person and online strength and conditioning to teams at the University, Club, Provincial, and High School levels as well as several individuals along the way.  We understand the demands of the sport, the needs of the athlete, and the process it takes to excel at the highest level. 

Adrian Honish, MSc, BESS, CSCS

Is the driving force behind our Volleyball specific training at Effectus.  He is co-owner, director, and head of strength & conditioning and has worked with over 500 volleyball players through his years as a volleyball training specialist.

With a volleyball background in coaching, strength & conditioning, biomechanics, and performance analysis, Adrian has worked with athletes of all levels from High School to National Team.  He was the assistant coach for the University of Manitoba Bison Women's Volleyball Team from 2002-2012, has helped coach two club teams to National Championships, a silver medal at the 2005 Canada Games, and numerous other successes.  He is the former strength and conditioning coach for the Bison Men's and Women's Volleyball teams, numerous club volleyball, provincial, and Canada Games teams as well as countless individual athletes ranging from youth to professional. 

As a sport biomechanist breaking down the techinique of the volleyball spike, blocking styles, passing, footwork, etc, Adrian has worked with our Volleyball National Teams to help improve performance, has conducted multiple studies int he area of volleyball biomechanics and continues to do work with various athletes and/or teams. 

As a performance analyst, Adrian is a cutting edge expert in match scouting, match analytics, and game prep.  He has also worked with the Canadian Olympic Team as a Performance Analyst at the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 Olympic Games. He will also be a part of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Adrian brings a resume unlike any other, a passion and excellence that's second to none, and an unquestionable opportunity to every young volleyball player looking to train.



Online Personalized Training Subscription

  • Workout programs designed specific to your goals, your needs, and your volleyball position

  • App based delivery system direct to your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise

  • Record your reps/weights 

  • Track your results/progress

  • Message your trainer at any time

  • Trainer monitors your training and continually updates your plan

  • Like having a trainer in the palm of your hand 24/7

Cost: $100+GST (billed monthly)

          $50+GST (Youth Athlete 18U)

Cooking Eggs

Online Personalized TraininG + Nutrition Subscription

  • All the benefits and features of the Personalized Training Subscription as listed

  • Plus Nutrition tracking and analysis to make sure you're properly fueling your body

  • Connect MyFitnessPal and allow us to track your daily eating habits directly in our training app

  • Macros are broken down and analyzed to maximize results from your training phases

  • The complete athlete performance package

Cost: $150+GST (billed monthly)

         $100+GST (Youth Athlete 18U)

FullSizeRender - Copy (2).jpg

In-Person Personalized Training Options

  • If in the Winnipeg area, please contact us for details or click below to link to our in-person training services

  • Note: In-Person training can be combined with a supplemental online training program and/or nutrition coaching

  • Work directly with one of the best volleyball training specialists in the country.

  • Get pushed to another level to bring out your limitless potential

  • Fully equipped training facility

  • Stay motivated, stay accountable, work hard, and get amazing results!

team/club subcriptions

Volleyball Huddle

Online club Volleyball team subscription

  • Sign up as an entire team and leave no stone unturned. Everyone trains specifically for their role on the team to ensure they're ready to compete but the team as a whole improves exponentially

  • Every athlete gets his or her own personal online training account

  • App based training system so you can access everything on your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise

  • Record your reps/weights 

  • Track results/progress

  • Athletes can message their trainer at any time

  • Trainer monitors training, and continually updates the plan to stay on track

  • Feedback on athletes provided to coaches 

  • Athletes are added to a "Team Group" in which they can message one another, see when teammates workout and are able to motivate one another and hold each other accountable.

  • Put your team's physical prep into the hands of an expert, certified, cheer experienced trainer and let us put the best training possilbe into the hands of your athletes.

Cost: $40+GST per athlete (billed monthly)

Empty Gym Hall

online volleyball club


  • Bring your entire club on board and make physical fitness, physical prep, and strength & conditioning a part of the culture of your club and your athletes

  • Each team receives ALL the benefits listed in the Online Club Volleyball Team Training description.

  • Athletes are streamlined through training as they progress year to year.  See the long term athlete development plan take action as training progresses from beginner body weight exercises to intermediate to advanced to dumbbells and bands to barbells and more complex lifts etc.  All taking into account age, developmental level, club level, and the skills they need to perform.

  • Give athletes longevity.  Keep them healthy through their years with you.

  • Use it as a recruiting tool and retain athletes year to year by adding to their long term plan.

  • Incorporate regular testing and collect test results for every age and level to build standards and goals.

  • Use training to enhance performance and take your entire club to another level.

Cost: $28+GST per athlete (billed monthly and based on 100+athletes in club)


new program


ONline youth volleyball training academy

In lieu of recents events and the challenging times athletes are being forced to go through we have made the decision to put out an early launch of our Online Youth Volleyball Training Academy Program.  Our reasons for doing so are to give all young volleyball athletes the opportunity to keep being "athletes" through this difficult time!  The volleyballs might be all bagged up but that doesn't mean training has to stop.  This is still a great chance to become stronger, fitter, quicker, and to learn more about the skills and the science of the game.  While originally our Online Training Academy was in the plans for the 2020-2021 season, we are confident that we can work twice as hard to bring you the best, science based, performance focused volleyball specific fitness training/conditioning and biomechanics available to help you become the best on court player that you can.

      Click below for complete info and to sign up!!

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