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strength & conditioning

Why Train?

It's a new era in curling!  The game has changed, the competition has grown, the world is improving and you're in the middle of it!  You're either the future of the game or you're breaking new ground as we speak!

It's one of the longest competitive seasons in sport.  The countless hours spent on the ice add up quickly between 2-3 game days in competition and regular practicing.  It takes it's toll on your body and training is necessary to keep it healthy and performing at its best.  But just performing isn't enough! You want to excel! You want to improve! You want to win!  Our training is guaranteed to make you stronger, fitter, far more effective at sweeping, more accurate in deliveries, more confident, and not just a better all around curler... but a better athlete!

Why Train With Us?

With experience training high performance curlers of every age and level since 2007 we are without question among the most experienced and qualified professionals to get you ready for competition!  Through consistent hard work, dedication, and passion... we develop champions!

Having worked with over 140 curlers including but not limited to athletes on teams such as Team Jennifer Jones; Team McEwen; Team Gushue; Team Koe; Team Einarson; Team Fleury; Team Gunnlaugson our resume speaks for itself and our desire to help build your success as a curler speaks even louder!

Join the team! Whether you're a Junior curler, you're on the World Tour, or you're fighting to take the next step, it's time to experience top level training and start preparing for next season!

In-Person Training

Join us at our fully equipped private training facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba and work directly in-person with your certified, educated, experienced strength coach for all training sessions! Through the off-season, pre--season, in-season, and post season we ensure that you will get the best results possible and you will begin to realize how great your athletic potential can become.

  • Train individually

  • Train as a team

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Specific to your goals and needs

  • Train as often as 6 days/week

  • Positive, motivating environment

  • All sessions with your trainer

Online Training

Regardless of where you live in the world you can now train with the best and like the rest!  In the new age of technology we now offer the most innovative, interactive, effective online training services available.  You can have the best curling strength and conditioning specialist in the palm of your hand 24/7

  • Conveniently train at your own facility

  • Conveniently train on your own schedule

  • Training plans designed specific to you, your goals, and your needs

  • Link up online and train as a team or train as an individual

  • Video demos of every exercise

  • Log reps/weights and track progress

  • In-App messaging with your trainer

  • Your trainer can see and monitor everything you do or don't do

  • Affordable and includes Junior Curler discount

online Team training available

Effectus now offers curling team training online at a reduced per athlete price!  Get your entire team training properly, following a professionally designed program, and working with one of the best curling specific strength coaches in the world.  

Train online and follow the most advanced and effective curling strength and conditioning program available. All training is specific to your team goals, your team's season schedule, and your team's needs. Train as a team using our interactive training app and get notifications when your teammates completes their workouts, motivate one another, track your individual progress and gain access to one of the most experienced and successful curling strength and conditioning experts in the world. Become the absolute best athlete you can be and watch yourself excel on the ice.

Improve sweeping effectiveness, endurance, speed, power!

Become more balanced, stable, and consistent on deliveries

Throw bigger weight with ease

Never let a long event or multi-game day tire you out again. 

Gain the advantage over your competitors

Cost: $280/month


new program


Online junior curling training academy

Introducing our newest and most exciting opportunity for young curlers.  Since this past season came to an unfortunately early end we have been working extremely hard to develop new innovative ways to help athletes prepare for next season and to use this challenging time to still train, develop, and improve. We are always looking to push the limits of performance and this time we're doing it by launching the new one of a kind Online Junior Curling Training Academy.  In the academy athletes will gain access to the best strength & Conditioning available plus tips on biomechanics, nutrition and mental coaching to help them maximize their potential to perform as elite curlers.  The past decade has demonstrated a huge shift toward fitter and stronger athletes in the game of curling.  We are very proud to have been a large part of that development and we are excited to bring that all of you junior curlers.

      Click below for complete info and to sign up!!

"For almost 10 years, Adrian has been the key in attaining a higher level of fitness and strength, and for that, I am extremely grateful to have such a motivating, supportive, hard working trainer. I can't imagine working with anyone else!!"

- Dawn McEwen

  Olympic Gold Medalist

  World Champion

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