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Effectus ONline Junior Curling Academy


Gain access to some of the most valuable curling strength & conditioning expertise available. Learn how to train properly as an athlete and with specific consideration to the physical needs of a curler. Whether you're looking to drag rocks further, hold line, or you want a more balanced and consistent delivery, heavier take out weight or quite simply you need to develop the endurance and stamina to last long games, long days, and long events that make up a long season a proper training program will give you the tools you need to succeed.  Physical fitness has become an integral part of the sport and must be addressed to competitively get to the next level.

   With your academy subscription you will gain access to even more than just strength and conditioning.  You will also receive periodic tips on the biomechanics of various skills.  Every athlete is unique but there are still undeniable biomechanical principles that will help you become more consistent, more efficient, and more effective at performing various skills.   Start your curling journey on the right path.

Strength & Conditioning

Fitness/strength & conditioning is an integral part of any sport. It’s without question that spending time off the ice to improve your strength, speed, power, balance, stability, stamina, and flexibility will make you a better athlete and a better curler. The Effectus Online Junior Curling Training Academy customizes all training programs to the athlete's needs and goals. Training is age/level appropriate representative of the long term athlete development plan and focuses on a progressive training style from year to year, season to season and month to month allowing the athlete to grow and develop at a safe and effective rate. We want to make each individual the best individual athlete they can become so that they can bring their best to their team their competitions.  There's no better feeling than stepping on the ice and feeling strong, healthy, fit, and completely confident. 


All training is app based using some of the best technology in online training. It includes:


  • Customized workouts delivered direct to your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise

  • Record weights, reps, sets for every exercise

  • Track and graph progress

  • Programs are designed and coached by a highly qualified, certified, experienced strength coach/biomechanist 

  • Your trainer is literally in the palm of your hand at all times.  In-app messaging allows for convenient, consistent communication

  • Trainer monitors everything you do or don’t do on his end so the program is dynamically updated

  • Sign up all together as a team and be added into your own team training group where you'll be notified when your teammates complete a workout and you can message and motivate one another


Biomechanics, to explain in the simplest terms, is the physics of human movement.  It’s how our body moves to produce the forces required to sweep harder, sweep faster, increase leg drive, etc.  Every skill we perform is made up of a series of movements and mechanics.  The more efficient and effective we are at those mechanics the more accurately we deliver the rock, the more pressure we put on a broom, and faster we sweep.  Learning and understanding how to best produce these movements will translate directly to your performance in games and the quality and productivity of your practices.  Knowledge is power.   The Effectus Online Junior Curling Academy periodically teaches athletes about biomechanics and how those mechanics relate to curling by sharing information on various topics like:


  • increasing consistency by simplifying the mechanics of your delivery

  • body positioning to apply more pressure on the broom

  • decreasing moment arm length to increase stroke rate in sweeping

  • flexibility and range of motion and how they relate to not only performance but also reducing injury

  • and so much more..

Nutrition & mental coaching

coming soon

As the Online Training Academy continues to grow we will be providing more information on nutrition topics like:

  • How to fuel your body for training

  • Proper nutrition for recovery in different training phases

  • Fueling and refueling during competitions

  • etc.

We will also be looking to work with experts in the field of mental training and preparation and will be providing valuable information to our athletes on how to improve their performance from the head down.

We advocate a well rounded sport science approach to performance and recognize that it requires several collaborative pieces to maximize an athletes potential.  We leave no stone unturned.

Join the effectus online Junior curling training academy

Sign up now by clicking below. You will be taken through the set up process to download our training app, set up payment, set up your account and password and fill out a consultation form.  Once set up, we will be in contact with you to gather more information we require to start you on the best training program possible that is customized to you and your needs. 

why join


Effectus Athlete Development has a long history of working with competitive curling! For over 14 years Effectus has provided a mix of in-person and online strength and conditioning to some of the top curlers in the world.  We understand the demands of the sport, the needs of the athlete, and the process it takes to excel at the highest level. 

Adrian Honish, MSc, BESS, CSCS

Is the driving force behind our Curling strength & conditioning at Effectus.  He is co-owner, director, and head of strength & conditioning and is currently responsible for the strength and conditioning of various athletes on teams including but not limited to: Team Jennifer Jones; Team McEwen; Team Einarson; Team Gunlaugson; Team Gushue; Team Koe; and many more including 100s of junior players through the years ...  It is his responsibility to assist and guide these athletes to physically be able to perform at their best at all times, to help to prevent injury, and to enhance their chances of winning in competition through science based training methods.

With a background in strength & conditioning, biomechanics, and performance analysis, Adrian has worked with athletes of all sports and at all levels including work with Team Canada at the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 Olympic Games. He will also be attending the 2020/21 Tokyo Olympic Games. Adrian brings the highest quality service to his athletes.


"For almost 10 years, Adrian has been the key in attaining a higher level of fitness and strength, and for that, I am extremely grateful to have such a motivating, supportive, hard working trainer. I can't imagine working with anyone else!!"

- Dawn McEwen -

Team Jennifer Jones

  Olympic Gold Medalist

  World Champion

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