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Effectus ONline youth volleyball training academy


Join the most advanced, informative, and innovative, volleyball training community available. Receive expert coaching on how to train properly, effectively, and efficiently to get results and become the best athlete you possibly can! Learn about the biomechanics of volleyball and how you can manipulate your technique/mechanics to jump higher, hit harder, block more solid, pass more balanced and accurately etc.  The academy will provide tips to enhance your nutrition for training and competition plus so much more. Using the most up to date science, we will give you the tools to becoming the best volleyball player you can!

   Develop the tools you need to excel at all areas of the game including jumping higher, hitting harder, blocking stronger, reacting and moving quicker, getting behind balls, passing more balanced, pushing out sets, and serving harder.  Leave no stone unturned. This is your advantage!

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Strength & Conditioning

Fitness/strength & conditioning is an integral part of any sport. It’s undebatable that spending time off the court to improve your strength, speed, power, quickness, balance, agility, and flexibility isn’t critical to making you a better athlete and in turn giving you the ability to be a better volleyball player. The Effectus Online Volleyball Training Academy customizes all training programs to the athletes needs and goals. Training is age/level appropriate representative of the long term athlete development plan and focuses on a progressive training style from year to year, season to season and month to month allowing the athlete to grow and develop at a safe and effective rate. You need to walk before you can run and run before you can jump but once you get there with the proper guidance along the way there’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve done everything possible to be at your best. That is our goal as an academy and as a coach to each athlete. We want to make each individual the best individual athlete they can become so when they step on a court they are strong, healthy, explosive, fit, and completely confident


All training is app based using some of the best technology in online training. It includes:


  • Customized workouts delivered direct to your phone

  • Video demos of every exercise

  • Record weights, reps, sets for every exercise

  • Track and graph progress

  • Programs are designed and coached by a highly qualified, certified, experienced volleyball coach/strength coach/biomechanist 

  • Your trainer is literally in the palm of your hand at all times.  In-app messaging allows for convenient, consistent communication

  • Trainer monitors everything you do or don’t do on his end so the program is dynamically updated


Biomechanics, to explain in the simplest terms, is the physics of volleyball.  It’s how our body moves to produce the forces required to spike a ball, pass a ball, serve, block, jump, etc. Every skill we perform is made up of a series of movements and mechanics.  The more efficient and effective we are at those mechanics the higher we jump, the harder we hit, the more balanced and accurately we pass, etc.  Learning and understanding how to best produce these movements will translate directly to performance on the court. It makes us a better practice players, more knowledgeable athletes and more skillful/talented players. The Effectus Online Volleyball Training Academy teaches athletes about the biomechanics of volleyball by  periodically sharing information on various topics like:


  • key factors of the spike approach that lead to higher jump heights

  • airborne movements to produce a more powerful arm swing

  • serving efficiently and reducing errors

  • passing with balance and precision

  • blocking footwork patterns and their advantages

  • flexibility and range of motion and how they relate to producing force as well as reducing injury

  • and so much more..

Nutrition & mental coaching

coming soon

As the Online Training Academy continues to grow we will be providing more information on nutrition topics like:

  • How to fuel your body for training

  • Proper nutrition for recovery in different training phases

  • Fueling and refueling during competitions

  • etc.

We will also be looking to work with experts in the field of mental training and preparation and will be providing valuable information to our athletes on how to improve their performance from the head down.

We advocate a well rounded sport science approach to performance and recognize that it requires several collaborative pieces to maximize an athletes potential.  We leave no stone unturned.

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why join


Effectus Athlete Development has a long history of working with  volleyball players For over 12 years Effectus has provided a mix of in-person and online strength and conditioning to teams at the University, Club, Provincial, and High School levels as well as several individuals along the way.  We understand the demands of the sport, the needs of the athlete, and the process it takes to excel at the highest level. 

Adrian Honish, MSc, BESS, CSCS

Is the driving force behind our Volleyball specific training at Effectus.  He is co-owner, director, and head of strength & conditioning and has worked with over 500 volleyball players through his years as a volleyball training specialist.

With a volleyball background in coaching, strength & conditioning, biomechanics, and performance analysis, Adrian has worked with athletes of all levels from High School to National Team.  He was the assistant coach for the University of Manitoba Bison Women's Volleyball Team from 2002-2012, has helped coach two club teams to National Championships, a silver medal at the 2005 Canada Games, and numerous other successes.  He is the former strength and conditioning coach for the Bison Men's and Women's Volleyball teams, numerous club volleyball, provincial, and Canada Games teams as well as countless individual athletes ranging from youth to professional. 

As a sport biomechanist breaking down the techinique of the volleyball spike, blocking styles, passing, footwork, etc, Adrian has worked with our Volleyball National Teams to help improve performance, has conducted multiple studies int he area of volleyball biomechanics and continues to do work with various athletes and/or teams. 

As a performance analyst, Adrian is a cutting edge expert in match scouting, match analytics, and game prep.  He has also worked with the Canadian Olympic Team as a Performance Analyst at the 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018 Olympic Games. He will also be a part of the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Adrian brings a resume unlike any other, a passion and excellence that's second to none, and an unquestionable opportunity to every young volleyball player looking to train.

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