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The sport of volleyball is becoming more and more competitive with a quickly growing club program across the country. With increased demands on athletes regarding training volume, performance expectations, and longer competitive seasons with very little down time it is becoming extremely important for athletes to be physically prepared and ready to meet the demands of the sport in a way that promotes high performance and injury prevention. 

Proper physical preparation is the key to a long, successful and healthy playing career for any athlete. 


Effectus Online is the newest way for athletes to access our physical training programs for volleyball. The simple to use app allows you to view and track your workouts with just a few swipes on your phone. All of our online programs are designed by Adrian Honish. Adrian has coached and trained volleyball athletes of all skill levels for over 15 years. His programs not only target the classic spike touch, block touch, quickness on court, and arm speed but also have a heavy focus on a healthy training lifestyle. Whether you sign up as an individual or as a group with your club, you can be sure that this off court work will be essential in your physical development as a volleyball player and overall athlete.

Online Training for this Club Season has been discounted to $40/month. Sign up below to receive more info!

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